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DDB Recruiting, Adidas Running Shoes Running Shoes DDB Canadas recruitment advertising Adidas Basketball Shoes group, and Bernard [url=]Football Shop[/url] Hodes Group, a Nike Basketball Shoes Adidas F50 New York- based HR solutions provider, have finalized a strategic Basketball Shoes alliance Air Max Running Shoes that will Air Max Running Shoes provide enhanced recruitment services to DDB clients.Both partners are owned Nike Mercurial by Omnicom Group.The new DDB Hodes Recruitment New Balance Running Shoes Communications [url=]Football Shop[/url] will be headquartered in DDB Recruitings Edmonton office and also operate out of [url= main_page=mepage&id=1]Nike Mercurial[/url] DDB offices in Toronto where Bernard Hodes has existing clients, said Helene Leggatt, president of DDB Edmonton, who will Fixed Soccer Shoes also oversee the alliance.Corinne Running Shoes Napier, account director, will manage day-to-day operations.Through previous collaboration Nike Free Running Shoes we realized Indoor Soccer Shoes our business and services were Football Shop closely aligned, explained Leggatt. Soccer Shoes Nike Running Shoes DDB Hodes Recruitment Communications Indoor Soccer Shoes can draw on the expertise of each agency to offer a variety of recruitment marketing services and products that can be tailored to individual client needs and better provide for emerging client needs in Canada, said Leggatt.New resources available to clients include expedited online postings, enhanced Turf Training soccer shoes digital capabilities and increased ability to offer ROI metrics and competitive analysis.

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